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A Suite of Creative Tools

Remove Background

Cut out the main subject of your photos with incredible quality.

Change Background

Realistic instant background to teleport any object anywhere.

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Batch workflow

Process multiples images by specifying your workflow.

Image Generation

Generate high-resolution realistic images with AI.

Image Enhancer

Enhance your images and bring clarity in seconds.

Interactive Touch

Remove background of your images interactively.

Interactive Design

Elevate your photos within seconds, to all your creative needs.

Elevate Your Platform

Seamless API & Integration

Empower Your Creativity with Pixcleaner AI Elevate your app's capabilities with our trusted background removal technology, enhancing functionality for countless users each month.

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See How PixCleaner Empowers Customers

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Effortless Background Removal

Simplify image editing for e-commerce, newsletters, and personal projects with our user-friendly tool.

  • Achieve Background Removal in Seconds
  • Refine Results with Smart Touch
  • Unleash Creativity with Our Design Tool

AI-Powered Background Replacement

Instantly transform your images with AI-generated backgrounds, effortlessly bringing your vision to life.

  • Select the Ideal Backdrop
  • Discover a Rich Selection of Backgrounds
  • Tailor Templates to Your Vision

Achieve Instant Transparent Backgrounds

Leverage our advanced AI for seamless photo editing. Our technology means less time editing and more time creating.Dramatically reduce your editing workload and costs with our automatic background removal technology. Streamline your creative process and save valuable time.

  • Simplify image background removal with our tool—experience the pinnacle of ease and accuracy.
  • Elevate efficiency and productivity with our intelligent editing solutions, tailored for today's creative demands.
  • Navigate complex images with precision—tackle difficult edges and intricate details like hair seamlessly.
  • Integrate our Background Remover API effortlessly, ensuring smooth editing workflows.
illustration by pixcleanerillustration by pixcleaner
illustration by pixcleanerillustration by pixcleaner

Precision Detailing with the Smart Touch Tool

Achieve unparalleled precision with our automated background removal, fine-tuning your images to perfection.

  • Gain precise control by selecting areas to keep or remove, enhancing your images effortlessly.
  • Ensure flawless detail with our Hair Selection tool, capturing every edge and texture perfectly.
  • Revolutionize your editing workflow and save up to 90% of your time compared to traditional methods.