Pixcleaner is one the best and charming software to remove the background of your personal, advertising, and development photos. Pixcleaner is based on artificial intelligence technology and removes your background automatically.

Smart Touch

Pixcleaner has a powerful and extensive photo editor that helps you edit and retouch your photos with intelligent features. There are many options like contrast, brightness, shadow, and other rectifying and retouching images. Pixcleaner has a fully automatic photo editor based on AI Technology and also a touch tool for surveillance and rectification which is perfect for adjusting or rectifying your selections, shadows, and borders settings for the images when needed


If you want to add shadows and different backgrounds, Pixcleaner is one the best and fascinating. You can also customize your background perfectly for touch-ups, opacity, blurriness, left-right, up-down movements, etc.

Photo Editor

If you want to edit your photos like adding layers, crop, resize, layers editing and rotation, etc., we have the best photo editor tool for this all. Pixcleaner photo editor makes the best photos for you. You can edit your photos there and make them perfect for your love.

Bulk Operations

If you want to do bulk operations like the bulk touch tool for many images in just a single click, Pixcleaner is the best choice for bulk work.

Hair Masking

Pixcleaner has a Touch-Tool with multiple options to make your photos attractive. Touch-Tool helps you to mask hair and remove unnecessary and extra edges etc., from your hair in the picture.

Transparent Product Masking

You can also remove the background for transparent objects in your pictures. If you want to mask a transparent product, or an object in your photo, the touch-tool could help you a lot in this regard. The touch tool allows you to remove background for transparent products or items in images.